Investigations & Reports

Retail, commercial, industrial, school district, and government projects: Soils and geologic studies, Groundwater investigations, Settlement Assessment, Liquefaction analysis, Slope stability analysis and slope stabilization, Seismicity studies, Building and slope distress investigations, Retaining wall design and Earthquake damage analysis, Manometer Surveys, Second Party Geotechnical/Geologic Review and Landslide Studies



Site Preparation & Grading

Subdivision type grading observation and testing

Retail, Commercial, industrial and governmental grading observation and testing

Sub-grade, base, and asphalt testing

Footing and slab compaction testing

Retaining wall and crib wall inspection and backfill testing

Landslide repair observation and testing

Inspection Services


Manometer slab elevation survey, Distressed slab and foundation observations

Geologic and soils update observation

Footing and caisson excavation observations

Swimming pool/ spa excavation observations

Footing and slab moisture verification

Nondestructive observation, Pile driving observations

Slab and A/C coring

Quality control inspection, Construction monitoring inspection

Slope Inclinometer Measurements

Stone Column Installation Inspection

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Extent of Testing


The following is a list of tests performed and applicable test standards followed:


a. Optimum moisture/ maximum density curve ASTM D1557

b. Field Density

        1) Sand Cone ASTM D1556

        2) Nuclear Methods ASTM D2922

        3) Ring Samples ASTM D1586

c. Expansion Index UBC Test Method 292

d. Particle Size Analysis ASTM D422

e. Atterberg Limits ASTM D4318

f. Specific Gravity ASTM D854

g. Direct Shear ASTM D3080

h. Consolidation ASTM D2435

i. 200 Wash ASTM C117

j. Sieve Analysis ASTM C136

k. Sand Equivalent ASTM D2419

l. Sampling ASTM D75

m. Permeability ASTM


The standard Specifications (Caltrans SS1) sections 26 and 39 will also be utilized as required.